How to Protect My Bathroom against Mold and Water Damage?

7 Tips from a Water Damage Service Provider, to save Your Bathroom from Mold.

interior of a bathroomWhen talking about mold, it is best if we start from the bathroom. This is one of the most likely places to find mold in any house. The second place is the basement, but we are not going to talk about that now. This article is about preventing mold damages in the bathroom.

As a water damage service, we have seen a lot of mold-covered bathrooms, and know how severe the problem can become. The bathroom presents a suitable environment for mold growth, and that can be very dangerous for your health. Mold is known to cause respiratory diseases, as well as allergic reactions, fungal infections and many other health complications.

So, how do you protect your bathroom from it?

1. After taking a shower the moisture level rises drastically. The best way to keep it low, is by allowing the air to circulate in the room, and remove the excess moisture. Turn on the fans and leave the door open. If your bathroom has a window you can open, we advise you to open it as well.

2. Another way to avoid the services of a water damage restoration company, is by taking care of your shower. Bathing produces huge amounts of moisture that can damage your shower curtain. If you leave it wet after every shower it will start to rot. The best thing to do in that case is to stretch it after a shower, so it dries quicker.

3. Since mold feeds on dust, cleaning the dust from your bathroom every once in a while can be a very good idea. Continue reading