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3 Signs You Need Mold Damage Restoration

Know When to Pay for Damage Restoration  

Water damage is a serious hazard and happens more often than you expect. It strikes at any time, leading to different problems and leaving you unsure of where to turn for mold damage restoration and water extraction or restoration. Whether due to a leaky roof, old plumbing, or more, any leak can lead to structural damage which could continue getting worse if not addressed properly. Water damage can also lead to mold growth; hence, a delay in seeking restoration services will put your family in danger or cost thousands of dollars in repairs. You must recognize the signs of water damage so you can get the problem fixed before it makes things worse. Below are 3 signs of water damage!

Discolored ceilings or walls

Discolored ceilings and walls aren’t signs of aging paint. If you notice beige and dark brown stains on your ceiling, mold damage restoration is needed. When the water dries between leaks, it leaves salt and minerals that can cause discoloration. Often, the discoloration is harder to find on areas with dark-colored paint but check for signs of green, orange, yellow, and brown discoloration. Though stains are common on ceilings, the damage can also occur on the floor or behind the walls if there are pipes behind them.

Mold growth and foul odors

Often, the smell of mold around your house is another clear sign of water damage in your home. Moldy odors will resemble the smell you get when leaving damp towels on the floor too long before washing them. If the odor comes from the walls, the room may also seem damp like you’re in the basement. Your basement gets this smell if too much humidity accumulates, creating a breeding ground for mold. You’ll have to remove the excess water along with the mold to get rid of the foul odor.

Warped or damaged flooring

If water gets into your subflooring, you can feel and see the results. Your floors can warp in different means based on the material they’re made of. For example, wood flooring buckles and rises like a tent. You might also notice the ground becoming uneven as you cross the room. Other floors can start sinking or breaking away from the foundation. Detecting the moisture early is the best way to save your floors from these.

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