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Expert Water and Fire Damage Restoration in Gainesville, FL

Do you need a water damage restoration service? Then call (352) 234-8454 and hire US Restoration Specialist’s cleaners with 16 years of experience. We are fully licensed and have an open line for 24-hour emergency cleanups. Hire us for fire damage restoration and we will remove the traces of smoke and the fire from your property. We have specials and a budget-friendly pricing for each of our customized services. Every client in Gainesville, FL is free to reach us for a consultation and to book an appointment for our assistance.

Our restoration specialists will check the damages on your property and choose the perfect method to deal with the situation. When we perform water damage restoration our team attends to the furniture, carpets, decorations, paintings, lighting, and everything in the property. We will dry and clean everything. Then we will attend to the walls and the floor. We will remove any stain, hazardous bacteria, and growing mold. Our service will be customized depending on the state of your property. One thing is certain, that we will do our best to give your property the necessary care to make it cozy and safe once again!

When it comes to fire damage restoration we will clean all traces of char, soot, dust, and everything else left after the flames have faded. Our team uses powerful detergents for every cleanup. We will wipe, dust, and clear away everything until to ensure that even the smallest dust speck is gone. We always use powerful cleaning machines and the most efficient hand-held tools. Our cleaners are experts in their work with years of experience.

Choose US Restoration Specialist’s professional and affordable cleaning services in Gainesville, FL. We will use all our powers and professional skills to remove any damage caused by fire and water. Under our care, every sign of mold will be gone and forgotten. Our detergents are powerful enough to kill all hazardous bacteria growing in the damaged furniture and walls. Call us in case of emergency and we will repair the damages before they become dangerous for your property or health.