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A Professional Water Damage Service Provider Explains

You Have a Small Swimming Pool in Your Basement?  

Leaky roofs, foundation, and slab leaks often result in flooding in the lowest point in your home – your basement. In this article, you will see a few flooded basement cleanup and restoration tips and tricks. What does a professional water damage service provider want you to know?

Having a small pool in your basement to some homeowners is a total nightmare and pretty scary experience. Having murky water in that space could be the ideal background for a horror movie. Flooding is often associated with a vast financial burden to all families. What do you need to do if you witness such an awful scene?

  • Call a 24/7 reliable water damage restoration company; This plays a crucial role in the success of the restoration process. That’s because they have well-trained staff members ready to react in a timely manner to try to reduce the damage on your property. So, your speedy reactions determine the success of the restoration project.

  • Pay attention to your personal safety; While waiting for the experts to arrive, you can think of yours and your loved ones’ safety by unplugging all electrical devices in your basement. As you know, water and electricity don’t get along at all. So, you can try to minimize the damage and hazards by shutting off all the power and water sources.

  • Try to remove all wet items but be careful with their weight; Once you know the water damage service provider you have called is on his way, you can start removing all soaked items from your place. Just be careful because when soaked with water, some home belongings could be very heavy. So, you can leave your furniture pieces, for example, and take out any wet rugs, books, small appliances, etc.

From a water damage restoration and prevention company like US Restoration Specialist, you can expect only caution, competence, and quick reactions. We are located in Gainesville, FL and looking forward to hearing from you at (352) 234-8454.