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Know When to Hire a Water Damage Specialist

Signs You Need a Mold Restoration Company  

Water damage is a serious threat and strikes more often than you think. It can occur at any time, resulting in different problems that leave you uncertain of where to turn for water restoration and extraction service. Whether resulting from faulty plumbing, a leaky roof, or other issues, any leak can result in structural damage which will only get worse over time if not properly addressed. Water damage can also result in mold growth, thus delays in hiring a water damage specialist will only cause health risks and thousands of dollars in repairs. You should determine the signs of water damage so you can have the problem addressed before things get too complicated. Below are 3 signs of damage.

Wall damage

Water damage behind the walls doesn’t only cause discolored paint. Walls damaged by mold or moisture can start to peel or bubble. If the walls are soft, it’s likely another sign of recent water damage and that you should have them repaired immediately. Damaged walls aren’t durable and can result in cracks in the baseboards. By the time the damage is noticeable on the walls, the leak might have gone undetected for a while. Noticeable signs of damage on walls is a sign you must hire a water damage specialist!

Mold growth

Not all mold is bad and it’s common; however, excess mold can be bad for your health, so don’t leave it unattended. Exposure to humid environments can be harmful to your health. It can result in irritation in the skin, throat, nose, and eyes. Damp environments indoors can result in upper respiratory conditions or asthma. If you notice mold growth in your home, this is a sign of too much moisture. Getting rid of the mold without any professional help won’t guarantee that it’s completely treated.


Whenever moisture builds up in your home, there’s the potential for mold. For example, showers are the breeding ground for mold growth in the caulk between the tiling, and this kind of growth isn’t a major concern. However, more subtle growth, like the one on a wall or in the baseboards of a bedroom, can be a sign of water damage. If you find mold in other rooms, especially a room with windows, then peel back the baseboard to check further. If you notice mold on windows, peel back the caulk to see the damage.

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