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Questions to Ask a Water Damage Restoration Company

Ask These Questions to a Restoration Specialist  

We can never predict when a disaster occurs. One moment, your plumbing system is working just fine and the next thing you know, you already have burst pipes. This could lead to flooding and cause damage to your property. So if a part of your home is exposed to water damage, immediate action is needed to salvage it and prevent further damage. Take note that water damage can spread throughout your home fast and may end up costing you too much for repairs. So look for the right people to handle your water damage problem. Ask these questions when looking for a water damage restoration company.

What is your company’s level of experience?

Damage restoration requires training before one can truly work on a water damage case. You have to look for restoration specialists that have undergone proper training and have acquired certification. When looking for a restoration company, find one with crew members that are certified and have many years of experience. You can trust them in making sure that the damage is controlled and doesn’t spread to other parts of your home.

Are you a fully insured restoration company?

Restoration is a meticulous process that involves controlling mold growth, assessing the total damage and repairs needed, and the actual restoration. Find a company that can handle the restoration process properly. Make sure that the restoration company you hire is fully licensed and insured. In case something goes wrong during the restoration, like a crew member getting hurt or an item gets damaged, they will be able to handle it without asking for additional payment from you. Their insurance coverage should be able to cover the costs of treating injured crew members.

Do you suspect water damage in your property? If so, look for a water damage restoration company and don’t forget to ask these questions. Contact US Restoration Specialist at (352) 234-8454 today. We serve property owners in Gainesville, FL.